Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mama said there would be days like this

Trev & I decided to mow the lawn and let True play outside. He is pure boy and a magnet for the dirt. We just let him go buck wild with the planters and his dump truck although when he came up looking like this we didn't think he could get any dirtier! True's Nana happened to be here visiting and had to run and grab her camera. She almost fell over laughing.
When we were finished outside, I went and grabbed my camera. I took these two right before I took him a nice warm bath! He makes all the little things in life so wonderful. When the water drained out of the bath I knew we had a happy boy on our hands by the amount of mud in the tub :)

He looks sad because I told him he had to come inside and take a bath! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Karah's 1st Birthday

My best cousin Vickie's grandaughter is little Karah... We were very excited to get the invitiation in the mail for a "very Hungry Caterpillar" party. We read the book almost every night!! There is something about one year old birthdays that are magical. This one has go to be one of the best with all kinds of personal touches. First of all the pinata was custom made and huge! Karah's dress was custom made too. It had a tulle petticoat underneath. They found a seamstress to make it at the taste of San Pedro! Nicole (Karah's mommy) is an amazing artist and drew the chalk art on the wall, and made all the hanging art in the trees too...... Vickie has a cricket and made the banner.... As you can see I come from a very crafty family!

Her beautiful dress :)

Custom cake

Nicole's very beautiful chalk artwork

Here is True with a very messy face after eating a delicious cupcake!
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Just to give you an idea how big the pinata was!

Nicole's party favor's

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ohhh she's so lovely

Liliana is an relative of mine. Part of my very large mexican extended family. She is sometimes shy, but once she opens up she is so fun to be around. When she was growing up my brother and uncle's used to teasingly call her "fea" which means "ugly" MEAN I know!! She is now going into her senior year of high school and she is gorgeous. The Fea Duckling grew into the beautiful swan. Next time I see my brother I think I am gonna smack him. I love Lili. She is so sweet. She felt really comfortable with me and did whatever crazy thing I asked her to do... Which means I was able to get some amazing images.... Please leave a comment and let Lili know what you think of her images :)

I need these BOOTS!!