Wednesday, August 19, 2009

35 Things I love

It's always interesting to see what people really like. I love the little things in life. They make me happy. Here is the list...
1. My Hubby & Son- my everything, my best friends, my true loves, my hubby and son Love the real me. Silly, funny, and crazy.
2. my family- interesting on both sides :)
3.friends- I have friends I have known since 5th grade & just some I just met and they Rock!
4.Photography.... Mine & others I love denise bovee, jose villa, puhnam bean, anne geddes, tara whitney to name just a few
5. sharpies
6. frappachino's _java chip my favorite
7. going to the mall with my son or anywhere to be exact
8. riding my cruiser bike
9. date nights with hubby
10. dinner with rita & savannah
11. lunch with my in-laws 3 days a week.
12. I love my job
13. going to garage sales-making a treasure outta something you might throw in the trash
14. fake eyelashes, mac make-up and wet & wild eyeliner
15. I love painting & all things crafty
16 playdates with jordie, wade & trevor and their mama's and dada's
17 . when my step sister calls me "sister & trev Brother! It's cute and my brother's are awesome too.
18. when nanny visits from WA
19. staying up late when I visit my mommy and eatting cookies, watching hgtv and chatting
20. when i get giftcards that are useful like michaels, starbucks and joannes. then I can make stuff or relax two of my fav's
21.loading my memory card into my computer & seeing my images larger and up close
22. reading around 10 books a night to my son and practicing our flashcards
23. cheesecake factory
24 visitng solvang, lompoc
25 my life is ever evolving and I am making so many new friends. I love it.
26 looking at fashion magazines
27 blogging- cheaper than therapy
28 taking true to mommy & me classes
29 going on field trips with the family
30 glitter
31 making things for people
32 always rememberiing its better to give than to receive
33 making cupcakes
34 when people say they are going to take you to lunch- and do!
35 when I get a treat I am not expecting

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