Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Bell Family {Las Vegas}

I was fortunate enough to schedule a time to meet up with Vanessa, D & Alina at my hotel room in Las Vegas when I went for a few days for my anniversary. Vanessa did not want to impose on me and kept asking "are you sure?" and here is what I said..... What!!! A few of my all time favorite things jammed into 2 short vacation days? I got to see friends I love, meet Alina for the first time in person, D too! And take their picture. I could not think of a more awesome way to spend my morning. Alina was not too happy with her schedule being re-arranged though......So I did the best I could to capture some sweet and tender moments and said we could meet up again when they came for Alina's uncle Kris' wedding the next week. So there will be another session I will be posting soon of their California visit. Here are my favorites from my hotel session :) So meet Alina at 3 months old :) and I just found out I get to see her again for her six month pics too. So I am THRILLED!!!!!

***oh and another cool thing is D is a model and at our hotel there was billboards all along the front of the valet with him on it! how cool is that??

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