Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Yellow School Bus

Every time we passed the lot where the school buses are parked, I always found myself thinking it would be great to take some images of my kiddo in front of them. The color yellow and all the buses lined up justs pops. Luckily, we drove past them on our way home from a birthday party and True was already slicked up. He was in a playful mood. He said "mama I take pictures with the school buses? Yes? I take Mater & Wightning Mc Queen" No Typos peeps. That's how he pronounces it. So cute! That's how he says it WIGHTNING :) It was perfect lighting so I parked my car, handed him his toys and and let him run around while I got some shots. I took these images with my old camera too! A canon 10d. That little baby still does a great job.

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