Sunday, June 5, 2011

Savannah & Daniel

I love to photograph Savannah any chance I get, I love her to pieces. She is my best friend in the whole wide worlds daughter. I went to Lompoc this past weekend to meet up with one of my friends, so while I was visiting I thought I could scout out new and fun locations. We had so much fun. Daniel came with us to help. I told him he could be my assistant, so he let me boss him around a little bit. He is a great guy! I give him 2 thumbs up!
During our adventure,we saw a mouse run by us, I got ichy feet because I thought it would be smart to wear flip flops in wild brush. After 5 minutes I ran back to my car and retrieved my sneakers!
After the shoot my night ended perfectly. Coffee with my best friend Rita and a visit to wal-mart. That's how I roll in Lompoc! haha!
**All of these images are straight out of the camera. It was perfect out, of course my subjects were too!
I can't believe I held her in my arms the week she was born.
so sweet....
She looks just like her mom to me in this picture.
young love is so cute. the camera loves her.
in the field...........

she is amazing
flawless really.

it's a wrap.

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