Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Emma {Pregnant}

Emma is one of my oldest & dearest friends. We worked together at our first job. My aunt & uncle owned a video store and that is where we first met. But, when we were both on duty all we had was a heck of alot of fun. I would go visit the Santa Ynez Valley in the summer. Emma was my first friend in the valley. Over the summer we became best of friends. So, when my grandma announced we were moving there, I was so grateful to have my friend Emma.
Recently I took her oldest sons senior class portraits, and I asked her if she had ever taken maternity pics with any of her kids, she said "No, I haven't". When I heard that I was eager to do these photos for her because she is having her 5th child and this is probably her last chance.....I told her also I need some of the water from the valley because I only have my one baby...LOL
Emma looks so beautiful and I love her. She and Charles are expecting a baby girl very soon. God Bless them :)

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